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Advocacy and practice support for Manitoba RMTs



MTAM Member

I think that if you are going to advance in your profession it’s crucial that you are part of your provincial chapter. MTAM is the perfect example of having strength in numbers and when you have that you are able to offer more to your membership.


MTAM Member

Working as a massage therapist you are often working alone or in a small clinical setting. MTAM brings everyone together at education and networking events. They are an advocate for the membership.


MTAM Member

My advice to newer therapists is to definitely check out MTAM. They gave me a lot of the information that I needed to start out. They have a bunch of courses specifically for newer therapists and it gives you a lot of good information stepping into the door.


MTAM Member

If I have an issue at work MTAM is such a great resource to be able to call and get an answer provided to you very very quickly.